Ashley Greene Talks Donna Karan and Why Everyone Needs Heels on ‘The Look’

Harper's Bazaar has bagged a new babe for its YouTube style show, The Look: Twilight star Ashley Greene!

Alas, the brunette beauty isn't dishing any dirt about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, she does reveal a few details about her DKNY campaign gig, which she apparently landed after she attended the designer's fashion show and Karan dressed her for the Met Ball.

"She's a super-cool lady," she says of Karan, joking that she likes to stand under her ads once they're up.

Hiking (sporting a Chanel necklace, Fendi bag, and heels, no less) with host Laura Brown, Greene also opens up about how her style has changed since gaining fame,

"I think I've become aware of what works on me and what doesn't, and aware that trends don't work for everybody ... most people in fact," she says. "I think I'm very comfortable in what I'm wearing, and I have to make sure I look half-decent when I walk out of the house. I can't wear pajamas to the grocery store anymore."

These days, she's upgraded to killer designer fashions, including a red Prabal Gurung gown for the second Twilight premiere, which she cites as a personal style breakout moment.

For day-to-day wear, the actress sticks to skinny jeans, "a nice top," purses, and flats.

That's not to say she doesn't love a good pair of heels ... and not just for the usual reasons.

"Everyone's ass looks great in heels," Greene says.

Who can argue with that?