Christina Hendricks on Harper's Bazaar's YouTube Show

Christina Hendricks , a.k.a. Joan Holloway, is the star of the second installment of Harper's Bazaar's very own show, THE LOOK, on YouTube's Hello Style channel.

Hosted and produced by Laura Brown, the magazine's special projects director, each episode features exclusive interviews by Brown with stylish celebs and fashion industry influencers.

Kicked-off last week with a makeup demonstration by Kim Kardashian, Christina Hendricks gives the reality mogul a run for her money, talking about her knack for vintage shopping and history of style woos in the candid interview scenario.

Trading in the 1920's baggy, floral pieces she loved for a more flattering pencil skirt silhouette, Hendricks admits her style has definitely changed since joining the Mad Men cast. A tragic goth phase and Salvation Army apparel paired with tacky tank tops, Hendricks admits to having plenty of fashion misses since she first discovered the art of vintage shopping at the age of 11 while living in Iowa.

The secret to wearing a hat and an item every woman should own, plus the inside scoop on Joan's bra, listen to all of Christina Hendricks's nuggets of style wisdom in the video above.