Fendi Fall 2012 Review

Fendi Fall 2012

Photos: Imaxtree

Looks from the Fendi Fall 2012 runway.

SHOW: Fendi (See the full collection.)

HAIR: Sam McKnight

MAKEUP: Peter Philips

ACCESSORIES: "Hybrid" fur and leather ankle-boots, hold-all bags with fur panels, decorated iPad cases (Silvia Venturini Fendi has an iPad and couldn't find a bag she liked)

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: Fendi breeds a new generation of fashion

We're used to genetic engineering plumping up fruit and vegetables, but who knew it could build great fashion? But of all the designers in the world, it was easy to guess that Karl Lagerfeld was the man to take it upon himself to rebuild nature. For his Fall Fendi show, he did just that, starting with the Fendi-logo stingray that formed the runway backdrop and working his way up.

Lagerfeld's Fendi furs have always been about adapting nature for the needs of luxury—he's knitted sable before, so anything is possible. This time, the furs came patterned like exotic orchids in rich purple, yellow or blue, alongside clothes that seemed made not for flowers but for warriors. One has to adapt to survive, so it made sense that Lagerfeld's clothing had an element of protection, even aggression to it. Dresses came with bibs that look like breastplates, waists cinched with powerful, armor-like belts, and every inch of body covered via long sleeves and stockings (the latter sometime printed to resemble all that stingray).

It was a powerful, confident collection, but the takeaway for most women won't be the Valkyries of Lagerfeld fantasy, but the very real fur-panelled handbags and patchwork high-heel shoes. Alongside a blue crocodile bustle or two, we hope.