Cosmo Editor in Chief Lays Off Nine Employees

Photo: Patrick McMullan
  Cosmo Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Coles


Since leaving Marie Claire to become Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief back in September, Joanna Coles has made few changes to the magazine. 

But we knew that wouldn't last long.

On Wednesday Coles laid off a total of nine staffers — six in the features department and two in photo. Before these lay offs, the features department had a total of ten editors, but now there is one senior editor, one associate editor, and two editorial assistants.

Talk about a cut back! 

But unlike the 60+ lay offs over at Condé Nast, Cosmo's firings were to bring in new hires as opposed to eliminating positions entirely.

"New incoming editors in chief often want to form their own teams," a Cosmopolitan spokesperson said. "We will be announcing more new hires shortly."

Rumor has it this is only just the beginning, as Coles has reportedly been interviewing people over the past month with plans to make more internal staff changes. 

Looks like this game of editorial musical chairs isn't going to end any time soon...