Condé Nast Gets Hit With 60+ Layoffs

Vogue's September issue may have been one of the magazine's biggest yet, but it hardly reflects the current situation going on over at 4 Times Square.

According to WWD, Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend eliminated 60 positions at the publication this week due to continuing "challenges of the U.S. economy." 

Each magazine within the publication had at least one editorial position removed, and a number had multiple business staffers removed. Self Magazine and Brides suffered the biggest hit, with five editorial positions wiped out and six business jobs eradicated. But it gets worse; sources say a number of editors from Brides have yet to find out if they're laid off as many of them are currently attending bridal fashion shows this week. Talk about not wanting to come back into the office on Monday! 

A large part of these layoffs are due to the entire publication having to reduce it's annual budget by 10% this year, which likely means a larger workload for those who were able to hold onto their jobs and next-to-no Christmas bonuses this year.