Seven Out of 10 Women Give Their Men Makeovers, Study Finds

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Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne

Hey, fellas. We love you just the way you are ... or we will just as soon as you change that shirt and do something about that soul patch.

But don't take it personally. According to a new study from Wilkinson's Sword, seven out of 10 British women admit to making over their men, with wardrobe and facial hair being the most common adjustments, the Daily Mail reports.

And apparently we have Elizabeth Hurley and her new metro man Shane Warne to thank for providing us with the inspiration.

"This research shows there is definitely a 'Shane Warne effect' sweeping through the country at the moment," Wilkinson's Sword grooming expert Jason Shankey tells the paper.

"The positive effect Elizabeth Hurley has had on Shane Warne's overall appearance is remarkable. And it seems women of the UK want to recreate similar results on their own men. A growing number of men are asking for shaving advice as their wives and girlfriends have requested they're clean shaven."

Nearly a third of the 2,000 women surveyed boasted they had their men "under their thumb," and 60 percent believe that they know more about fashion and image than their significant other. While 40 percent felt it was their duty to make over their boyfriend or hubby, two-thirds admitted using "sneaky" or "subtle" ways to get him to shape up.

Besides clothes and shaving habits, women were most likely to update their dude's hairstyle, nose and ear hair issues (TMI!), shoes, aftershave, eyebrow maintenance, hygiene, skincare routine, and diet. All were deemed more pressing than changing a man's finances, getting him to put the seat down, or forcing him to watch a chick flick.

At least we have our priorities straight ...

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