Hair Straighteners: Men’s Vacation Must, Study Finds

ghd Gold Max styler


Mane men: New research finds that guys love their flat irons. (Above, ghd's Gold Max styler.)

Gotta get away? Don't forget the ghd.

A new study from Britian’s Dixons Travel reveals that men consider primping and pampering when they’re packing for a vacation, with one in eight saying they won’t leave home without a hair straightener, the Daily Express reports.

The airport retailer also found that one in five men tuck their trusty blow-dryers into their suitcases, and take on average seven electrical devices, compared to just three for women.

Men were also more likely than women to pack a travel iron, with four times as many guys saying they would choose that as their one electrical item for a trip over gadgets like an iPod.

Guess a “sharper image” trumps the Sharper Image.

“The image of Britons abroad has changed with men no longer wearing knotted hankies or string vests [mesh tops],” says Dixons spokesperson Daryl Humphries. “Instead they are all plucked, preened, and well presented. We are increasingly noticing men coming into our stores to pick up last-minute travel essentials, such as a hairdryer and travel iron, before they board the plane.”

Funny how we never seem to get seated next to these metro men ...

Meanwhile, a new study finds that men also have a hankering for brunettes with blue eyes.