Zombie Boy for Dermablend

For every artistic, meaningful tattoo out there, there are just as many inky regrets. (Read: anything on the lower back, anything commemorating a spring break in Cabo, anything dedicated to a significant other who’s since been dumped.)

And since tattoo removal can be expensive and painful, one person who knows his way around a tattoo parlor is proving that with a little help from Dermablend, you might not have to come up with a clever way to mask the mark (ahem, Wino Forever).

Rick Genest, otherwise known as Mugler muse Zombie Boy, stars in a mesmerizing video from skincare brand Dermablend where his head-to-toe tattoos are completely concealed with the brand’s Leg and Body Tattoo Primer and Leg and Body Cover Foundation.

“How do you judge a book?” the video asks, before showing a clean-cut, (seemingly) bare-skinned Genest sit down, stare into the camera, and then start wiping away the coverage to reveal his trademark tats.

Watch the full video above.

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