Rafael Nadal Strips Down in Emporio Armani Underwear/Armani Jeans Video

Now that's what we call a hot pursuit.

After delivering one seriously sexy Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans ad campaign for Fall 2011, Rafael Nadal is going the extra mile (literally) with a heart-racing short film directed by Johan Renck.

As with the video starring fellow brand ambassador Rihanna, the action takes place in an underground parking garage. Proving that he may have a future as a track star if this whole tennis thing doesn't pan out, a tuxedo-clad Nadal is seen running through the garage with a package under his arm.

Speaking of packages, the sprint soon gives way to a striptease as the sexy Spaniard ditches his clothes until he's in nothing but a pair of white boxer briefs. (Score!) Taking refuge in a service elevator, he notes a duffel bag and pulls out jeans and a denim jacket, which he quickly slips into. (Boo!)

The "gritty, industrial, and urban" black-and film ends with Nadal on a helipad. We'd say the whole thing was pretty fly, but we might be biased ...

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