Diane von Furstenberg: Kate Middleton Should Wear Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress

diane von furstenburg
Photo: Getty Images
DVF thinks Kate Middleton should wear an Alexander McQueen wedding dress.

The fashion world can’t stop talking about what Kate Middleton will wear to wed Prince William, and Diane von Furstenberg is no exception.

"I've always found weddings sad for some reason, but of course I'll watch it on television,” the designer told the Telegraph in an interview.

“She reminds me more and more of Diana. Everything about her. I think she's there to avenge Diana's memory—that's clearly what William wants. Giving Kate his mother's ring was a great gesture, and I think that theirs will be a happy version of his parents' marriage. But he absolutely chose a woman who was like his mother—that was deliberate."

Von Furstenberg’s name is one of the few that hasn’t been thrown into the ring as a potential royal wedding dress designer, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an opinion on who the honor should go to.

“I think she should go for Alexander McQueen,” she said.

Middleton would do well to listen to von Furstenberg. After all, the CFDA president herself says she can relate.

"I can honestly say that I understand women very well," she told the British paper. "If you understand yourself, you understand women, because, in the end, all women are the same."

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