John Galliano Fires Lawyer

john galliano fired lawyer
Photo: Getty Images
John Galliano has fired his lawyer.

The drama continues for John Galliano.

Just as the troubled designer is preparing to go to court next week for hearings related to his upcoming public slander trial in France comes word that his lawyer, Stephane Zerbib, has been fired.

“Mr. Zerbib was dismissed as Galliano’s lawyer some weeks ago following the discovery of apparent irregularities in respect of his firm’s administration of Galliano’s financial affairs over a number of years,” a spokesperson for Galliano told Vogue U.K.

In March, the bad boy designer was fired from Dior following a February incident at a Paris café in which he allegedly assaulted and made anti-Semitic remarks toward a couple as well as the release of a video showing Galliano saying “I love Hitler” and slurring other offensive statements. Last month, he was dropped from his eponymous label as well.

Up until now, Zerbib—who is Jewish—has been one of Galliano’s few defenders, calling him “polite, courteous, and very human” and attributing his shocking outbursts to intoxication, not prejudice.

“I have no explanation,” Zerbib said of the incident. “It could happen to any one of us. Anyone can go to a bar, drink a little, and get into a fight with someone.”

It remains to be seen how Zerbib’s dismissal will affect next week’s pre-trial hearings. In the meantime, the fashion world continues to speculate over just who will replace the recently rehabbed designer at Dior.