Cartier Exhibits 420 Pieces from Tiaras to Precious Jewelry

Photo: Cartier Facebook

Cartier Scroll Tiara

If you're a woman who equivocates walking into a jewelry store with standing in the ultimate candy shop, then get ready to enter Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid is exhibiting 420 dazzling Cartier pieces including everything from royal crowns to luxury timepieces and jewelry.

Since 1983, Maison Cartier has been assembling pieces from 1860 to the present to create the Cartier Collection, a comprehensive selection of the luxury brand's finest jewels.

Photo: Cartier Facebook 

Alongside the Cartier Collection, the exhibition will feature private loans from the Spanish Royal Family and the Palace of Monaco, which is where a significant portion of the crowns and tiaras came from.

Each of the 400+ will include a timeline description, tracing it's life from creation to where it resides today.

The exhibition runs through February 17th, 2013, which is just enough time for us to brush up on our Spanish.

Vamos a Madrid!