Cartier's Movie-Making Odyssey

Photo courtesy of Cartier

A still from Cartier's short film.

If you recently went on a The Artist-inspired silent movie binge, you may have noted that Rudolph Valentino wears a Cartier Tank watch in The Sheik. No, that wasn't a slip-up on the part of the costume designer; Valentino loved the watch so much, he stipulated in his contract that he be allowed to wear it onscreen.

Photo courtesy of Cartier

A still from Cartier's new film.

This was just one of the many facts we learned Wednesday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for a screening of the jewelry giant's new film L'Odysse de Cartier. Two years in the making, the film is a Hollywood-style production, complete with a star (Shalom Harlow), iconic locations (including the Place Vendôme) elaborate special effects (like a panther jumping through the house's Trinity rings,) and a massive crew. The film goes live today on the brand's Facebook page. You can see it in exchange for a "like," which sure beats a $12 movie ticket.