Lucky Apologizes for Weird Britney Spears Cover

Lucky Magazine apologizes to readers about the messy photoshopping job on covergirl Britney Spears.

Photo: Lucky Magazine


It must have been quite a day over at Lucky Magazine.

After releasing images of December covergirl Britney Spears, the internet and all it's social media outlets went haywire over the questionable photoshopping of the popstar.

Tweets from unhappy fans said the photoshop job was "a big disgrace" and the "worst Britney shoot ever" and "Flop team needs to never do that again" — ouch!

We admit that the photoshopping on Brit does look a bit...wonky...mainly around her hair; but Lucky was quick to fireback an apology via Twitter to it's (hopefully still) faithful readers.

"Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on our cover! As always, we will share with our team and we're sorry to have let some of you down."

Oy, will the photoshop disasters ever come to an end?