4 DIY Tips For Jean Cut-Offs With Dani Stahl at the Gap

Photo courtesy of Gap

Dani Stahl's jean short styles: The preppy, the sweatheart and the rock star.

Fashion stylist and TV personality Dani Stahl hosted a private event at the Gap in New York City this past Tuesday where she helped shoppers transform old jeans into custom cut-off creations in one of three styles: the rock star, the preppy and the sweetheart.

The bubbly blonde took a moment to share her tips for making cut-off denim shorts with FashionEtc.

  1. Start with a pair of straight leg jeans or bell bottoms. Jeggings are obviously hard to make into jean shorts, unless you're having a hipster moment.

  2. Generally cut from the inseam four inches, and then angle that slightly up on the thigh so it looks better.

  3. Sandpaper is your friend. Fray the edges, cut little snips, fray the pockets, cut the tops of the pockets. Sandpaper, scissors, sandpaper, scissors.

  4. Just a little glue and some patches, studs and ribbon and you've got yourself some jean shorts.

For New Yorkers, Dani Stahl will be hosting a second cut-off event on Thursday, July 19th from 6-8pm at the Gap in Lincoln Center.

Photo courtesy of Gap

Dani Stahl works her magic on a pair of denim shorts.