Study: Women Hit Their Style Peak at Age 35

Helen Mirren
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Helen Mirren was stunning in Badgley Mischka at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Fashion may be an industry that favors the young, but those 15-year-old models that are mainstays on the runways? They might not hit their style peak for another 20 years.

A recent U.K survey by clothing brand CC found that women hit their peak—in terms of confidence, style and image—at age 35. One in three women reportedly get more comfortable with their appearance as they age, and three out of four women said that their sense of style improved greatly after their 20s.

"There is an assumption that your looks and sense of style are at their peak in your late teens and early twenties, but this research shows that it can take a while before you find a style and image that suits,” a spokeswoman for the study said, according to luxury website Elite Daily.

One in three women polled felt they looked their best in their 30s, with one in 10 reporting that they looked their best in their 40s. What’s more, the celebrity woman most considered in her prime was the 66-year-old—and stunning—Helen Mirren.

Aging has never looked so good!