Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts Wear Red Best, Poll Says

Helen Mirren and Julia Roberts look best in red according to a poll
Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images
Red hot Dame! Helen Mirren was voted one of the best stars in scarlet.

Chalk up another win for Helen Mirren.

Having already topped 2011 polls anointing her as the best body and most inspirational style icon for women over 50, the British actress has come in 5th in a new survey ranking which celebrity women rock the color red best, the Daily Mail reports.

Conducted by Kellogg's healthy lifestyle site, the list of ravishing reds was topped by British TV host Holly Willoughby, followed by pop star Cheryl Cole (who was also just named a top beauty icon of 2011 in a separate poll), model/actress Kelly Brook, and cooking diva Nigella Lawson.

The 3,000 women questioned also gave props to Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Beyonc√©, Pippa Middleton, and Jennifer Aniston (who trailed Mirren to round out the top 10) for showing plenty of body confidence in the scarlet hue.

So, why red? Research shows that women wear red when they feel confident about themselves, and stick to black when they'd rather go unnoticed.

"Body confidence is a journey for women, especially when watching their weight, and when they feel good inside they will start to show it to the outside world with bright and bold colors," spokeswoman Sophie Colling tells the paper.

"This may start with something small like wearing red lipstick or nail polish until they feel confident enough to dig out the red dresses from their wardrobe."

And there's good news for women approaching middle age: The poll also found that women are at their most confident and comfortable with their looks at age 52.

Bring. It. On.

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