Natalia Vodianova: ‘It’s Better to Be Skinny Than to Be Fat’

Natalia Vodianova
Photo: Getty Images
Natalia Vodianova.

Has Natalia Vodianova been spending a bit too much time hanging around Karl "No One Wants to See Round Women" Lagerfeld?

The Russian beauty raised eyebrows at the British Vogue Festival on April 21, where she joined fellow models Lily Cole, Eva Herzigova, and Jourdan Dunn in a panel discussing health and body image, the Telegraph reports.

After Herzigova claimed that she and her fellow catwalkers were "just born with" their naturally slim figures, mother-of-three Vodianova added, "I respect my body, my body is my temple."

"If I eat like a pig, I am going to feel like a pig," she continued. "Sometimes I have a huge, delicious five-star dinner with my grandparents with seven courses. In the morning you wake up and you feel like s**t. If I feel like that, OK, I am not going to be able to feel good about myself."

Though Cole remarked that a trip to Botswana opened her eyes about how other cultures may admire curvy figures more than lean frames, Vodianova chimed in, "C'mon guys, you know it's better to be skinny than to be fat."

According to the Telegraph, the comment was met with "surprise and applause," after which the recent Vogue Paris cover star further clarified her opinion, urging the audience to "read [the] Daily Mail,"citing Britain's famously sensationalist newspaper.

"We eat well, we exercise—please, do the same and you will look like this," she continued. "I'm sorry, but today the NHS [England's National Health Service] are fighting against obesity, children [are] taken away from their parents because they are too fat ... And here we are, defending that we are healthy and skinny."

Indeed, Vodianova makes no apologies for her slim figure, revealing that, in addition to running a marathon once a year without training, she was able to wear Givenchy couture at an event three days after giving birth to her son Victor.

So, what's her secret?

"I don't want to offend people who are trying to lose weight—if you want my tip, everyone should look into the only diet I've ever done," she explained.

"When I was little I had ulcers in my stomach from not eating very properly. I had really bad digestion and suffered from it for a long time. Then somebody recommended the blood type diet. Ever since, I have more energy and I've been doing it for five years now. It really works for me. It's not about eating more protein or more carbohydrates—it's which protein you eat, and which carbohydrates."

There you have it, folks. But while it's well within the supermodel's right to defend herself against criticism about weight, it's unlikely that eating disorder support networks will see it that way. Will Natalia soon be following Lagerfeld's example by making a pricey Chanel mea culpa of her own?