Natalia Vodianova Talks Separation, New Man

Photo: Patrick McMullan
Model Natalia Vodianova has separated from her husband Justin Portman.

Rumors about the state of Natalia Vodianova’s marriage to Justin Portman have run rampant for some time, but Vodianova’s stayed mum on the matter—until now.

“'It's really sad. It has been a while,” she told the Evening Standard of her separation from the father of her three children. “We didn't want to talk about it. We still don't. Our children are very much aware of it. It's OK. We're still in a very sensitive position right now, and trying to do things as amicably as possible, so I wouldn't want to talk about it at all. I don't think I ever will want to, because it's strictly between my husband and me.”

Though the 29-year-old says her personal life is sensitive and “not really something to discuss at the moment,” she will admit that there’s a new man in her life, and that she’s in love. “Yes, definitely,” she said. (The Evening Standard doesn’t name the gentleman in question, but does confirm that it’s not, despite tabloid reports, photographer Scott Douglas.)

Regardless, Vodianova has her hands full, between her modeling, her recent foray into acting, her charity Naked Heart, and her three little ones—“happy children, thank God,” she says. “They come into my bed and sleep with me quite often, but I love it.”

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