'World War II Evacuee' Halloween Costume Causes Outrage

world war II evacuee costume
People are outraged at this World War II Evacuee Halloween costume.

Whatever happened to dressing up like a pumpkin or a princess?

With every Halloween comes a new slew of insensitive and offensive costumes (um, Anna Rexia?), but this one might just take the cake: World War II Evacuee.

Amazon U.K. sells the children's costume, complete with plain blue coat (ID tag attached), green beret, and a brown carryall bag, for £11.99 ($19.31 at current exchange rates).

The young model sporting the costume looks surprisingly cheery, all things considered.

While it’s hard to excuse anything that makes light of the Holocaust, the Huffington Post points out that the costume could be used as an “educational tool” for U.K. children, who observe several national commemoration days (one of which is called Evacuee Day) for the purpose of learning British history.

What say you? Inexcusably offensive? Or does this costume have some redeeming qualities?

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