Joe’s Jeans Introduces Jean Sweats

Joe's Jean Sweats

Photos courtesy of Joe's Jeans

Joe's Jean Sweats: The High Waist Flare in Amelia and The Skinny Fit in Jennah

Et tu, denim?

After the rise of jeggings and Pajama Jeans, we'd have thought that denim had reached its crossbreeding capacity.

And then came jean sweats. That's right. Jean sweats.

The latest denim hybrid comes to us from Joe's Jeans, which is launching a line of jean sweats described as "the perfect marriage between the comfort of sweatpants and the style of denim jeans."

"This particular pant is comprised of a unique fabric technology that provides 360 degrees of comfort and movement all while retaining its shape as a denim style," the label says in a press statement. 

"The fabric has the advanced versatility of indigo yarns allowing for complete customization of fabric finishes. Never before has there been an indigo woven that resembles a knit terry and can be treated like a true denim."

Given their name, the jean sweats ("jweats"?) are surprisingly form-fitting. Available in a medium or dark blue rinse, the three styles (The Skinny, The High Water, and The Skinny Flare) are more "date night" than "training for a boxing match" in terms of fit, which means you'll either be the most comfortable person at the bar, or the most over-dressed person at the gym.

Each pair retails for $158, while the Jean Sweats capsule line also includes a top and two indigo sweatshirts priced from $145 to $158. What, no headbands?

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