Women Inherit Love of Heels from Moms, Study Finds

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Like mother, like daughter: The apple doesn't fall far from the shoe tree when it comes to heel preference.

Got a shoe collection that would put Carrie Bradshaw to shame? Blame Mom.

A new study from Debenhams claims that women inherit both their love of heels and their ability to walk in them from their mothers, the Daily Mail reports.

The British department store quizzed female shoppers on their shoe-buying patterns and preferences, finding that 92 percent of related women showed similar taste in color and style, while unrelated women were more random.

How we walk in heels may also be hereditary. Of women who could strut in skyscraper heels with ease, 87 percent had daughters with heel confidence, while mothers who were unsteady tended to have daughters with similar balance issues.

"The correlation was striking," Natelle Baddeley, head of accessories design at Debenhams, told the paper. "We could almost pick out who was mother and daughter in a crowd just by the similarities as they walked in high heels.

"Whether it’s genetics or training in teenage years, we may never know, but it’s clear that the saying 'like mother like daughter' applies to walking in heels ... Even though we now know that a link exists, we still don’t know what causes it. Is it genetics? Or do young girls become accustomed to and copy their mother’s tastes in shoes simply by wearing them during 'dressing up' as a child?"

Interesting ... Guess this means we should start saving for Baby's First Louboutins now ...

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