Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet Named Most Inspirational Beauties

Photos: Getty Images

Holly Willoughby, Kate Middleton and Kate Winslet.

Here's a nice little first wedding anniversary present for Kate Middleton: She's been named the most inspirational beauty in Dove's Body Confidence Census 2012 for the U.K., the Telegraph reports.

The newly minted royal, who is also honored in People's World's Most Beautiful Woman issue, edged out fellow Brits Holly Willoughby and Kate Winslet to top the list of celebrity lookers, as voted on by 1,000 women.

And though the Duchess's glossy mane, Willoughby's award-winning curves, and Winslet's English rose good looks have British women green with envy, 78 percent of respondents told Dove that they'd rather see "real women" featured in beauty ads than celebrities or teenage girls.  

The poll also found that just 13 percent of women consider themselves attractive, and one in four claimed that they couldn't recall the last time a compliment made them feel beautiful.

In terms of confidence boosters, being loved topped the list with 72 percent of the vote, followed by a strong relationship (53 percent), being pleased with your looks (35 percent), being in good shape (33 percent), and taking good care of yourself (31 percent). Ultimately, though, 82 percent of women said they feel their best inside and out when they are invested in their physical appearance.

Interestingly, the study also discovered that women are less likely to shower their female friends with praise about their looks as they age, while women aged 25 to 29 came across as the most confident about their appearance.

As a result of the census, Dove is introducing a new skincare campaign starring "real woman" Alexis Foreman in order to promote body confidence. Think she'll be able to give the former Miss Middleton a run for her money?