Only 7 Percent of Women Love Their Hair, Study Finds

study finds that only 7% of women love their hair

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Bad hair day! A new study reveals that only 7 percent of women love their hair.

Apparently, Kim Kardashian isn't the only one who's lost that loving feeling—according to a new Dove study, most women just aren't that into their 'do, Racked reports.

The just-released Make Friends With Your Hair survey appears to be fighting an uphill battle, with just seven percent of women claiming to love their locks, and 20 percent admitting that a bad hair day has caused them to skip out on a social outing. (See, guys, there is a bit of truth to the old "Gee, thanks, but I have to wash my hair" line.)

And though we're feeling a little underwhelmed with our tresses, it's not for want of trying. According to the study, 58 percent of women use more than three hair products a day; 45 percent prioritize their morning hair routine over eating breakfast; and 35 percent would sacrifice extra sleep for the sake of a great head of hair.

Well, at least our heart is in the right place ...

Meanwhile, we've got nothing but love for Julianne Hough's new bob.