Remembering: The Baron of Botox

Photo: Patrick McMullan
  Dr. Fredric Brandt


Patients and fans of Dr. Fredric Brandt and were stunned to hear about the popular dermatologist’s sudden death last weekend at the age of 65. Brandt, who was beloved by many celebrity clients such as Madonna and Stephanie Seymour, was known for his innovative treatments. The “New York Face” - a face lift which provides fullness and volume instead of just tightening the face as other lifts often do, was commonly requested.

Brandt burst into the beauty world when he opened his first private practice in Miami in 1982. After reaching great popularity in 1998 he offered his patients a second location in New York City and in 2001 Brandt launched his own successful skincare line. 

Known as one of the first doctors to stress the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Brandt started each day with yoga and ate a sugar-free diet. However he also suffered from depression, which worsened upon viewing a character based on himself and his quirks on the popular new TV show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

RIP Dr. Brandt. The beauty world will miss you.