Birchbox Launches Beauty Site for Men

Birchbox Man


A look at Birchbox Man.

Boyfriend sneaking samples of your beloved hairsprays and moisturizers? We’ve got just the thing for him.

Birchbox, the genius beauty site that sends members monthly boxes of beauty samples, has expanded into the men’s category, TechCrunch reports. The deal’s the same: members will receive a box chock full of mini-sized grooming and lifestyle products geared just for men from brands like Kiehl’s, Kerastase, John Varvatos and more each month. Whatever they can’t live without, the boys can then order in full-size versions right from the site—which means no more pinching your products.

While the women’s boxes cost $10 per month, the men’s cost $20; for both, shipping is always free.

“The prestige men’s grooming category is a smaller total market, but it is experiencing some of the fastest growth,” co-founder Katia Beauchamp told TechCruch. “We’re really exploring this idea of discovery retail. Customers love discovering new products or brands, whether they’re men or women. A Birchbox is a surprise and hopefully, it pushes you into things that could be fun.”