Kiehl’s Opening First Spa

Kiehl's spa

Photo courtesy of Kiehl's

We. Can't. Wait. An inside look at the soon-to-open Kiehl’s spa in NYC.

The famed Kiehl’s skin- and hair-care company will celebrate its 160th birthday by fulfilling a longtime fan wish: in mid-July, it will open its first spa.

A new free-standing store on New York City’s Upper East Side will be capped with a vintage-meets-modern retreat. Each of the three treatment rooms will be lit by chandeliers like those in the original 19th-century shop–but they’ll also have modern art, like a photo mural by David LaChapelle.

Vintage tin ceilings and white subway-style tiling give the space a distinctive New York look. Limited-edition Havaiana flip-flops and iPads for guest use, meanwhile, keep the spa one step ahead.

Naturally, the Kiehl’s line of apothecary-style products are pressed into service. Seven core facials will be offered, ranging from microdermabrasion to firming treatments. Technicians will assess each client before custom-blending a mask best suited to his or her skin. All facials include a shoulder, neck and scalp massage plus an argan oil hand treatment. To gild the lily, pop on one of the six upgrades, such as an eye mask or acid peel.

Body treatments range from deep-tissue massage to body polishing. A men’s grooming station provides classic barbering services, like a straight-razor shave, haircuts, and in these days of curated facial hair, beard and mustache trimming.

Appointments can be made by calling 1-800-SPA-1851. Maybe you’ll get lucky and run into spokeswoman Julianne Moore there ...