Nicole Richie on Harper's Bazaar's YouTube Show

For the latest installment of Harper's Bazaar's show, THE LOOK, on YouTube's Hello Style channel, Nicole Richie shows off her goofy side with Laura Brown, as the two rummage through the pint-sized designer's Mary Poppins purse.

Always on the move from Los Angeles to New York City and back, Richie, who rarely switches bags, pulls out about eight pairs of sunglasses, two hair brushes, lots of bobby pins, head phones and her strategically placed 'Nicole' fragrance from the depths of her never-ending carryall.

From her most recent purchase of Balenciaga cut-out boots, to Kate Hudson's west coast free-spirited style, and her Desperate Housewives TV addiction, see what else Richie can't get enough of these days in the video above.