Lena Dunham Talks Fashion on 'Girls'

Photo by JoJo Whilden/Courtesy of HBO

Jemima Kirke (Jessa), Lena Dunham (Hannah), and Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna)

Known for the brutally honest and hilarious script, the Girls wardrobe is just as bravely un-glamorous and eclectically-cool as the plot.

From the tomato-embellished cardigan Hannah (the main character) wore to her first job at a law office to the long see-through eyelet dress over hot pink underwear Jessa wore to babysit, the show is full of questionably chic and quirky wardrobe choices.

The show's 26-year-old creator/writer/director, Lena Dunham, talks to The New York Times about the importance of style in the sitcom.

“We are very conscious about what the girls are wearing. We spend a lot of time talking about that outfit you can’t believe you wore but you know you spent three days dreaming up,” said Dunham.

The show’s costume designer, Jennifer Rogien said. “The overall theme of the show is all the mistakes we go through when we’re trying to find our footing...We wanted to embrace all those factors — the youth, the first job, the insecurity in relationships, both romantic and friendship — and see if we could reflect that through the clothing.”

Girls strives above all else for authenticity. “We were really concerned about realism, verisimilitude,” Dunham said.

Jenni Konner, an executive producer, said one of the key things to consider about the wardrobe is “never having things that are beyond what these girls can afford.”

“It always makes me so crazy when people on shows have a new winter coat every day,” Ms. Dunham said. “I wore the same winter coat for three years after college, even after my dog peed on it.”

Get ready for the second season of “Girls,” which airs on Jan. 13th.