4 P.M. Fashion Fix: Santigold Talks Stage Style and Opening Ceremony for 'The Look'

Host Laura Brown is back with another episode of the Harper's Bazaar web series "The Look," and this time she's talking shop with Santigold.

The singer hits up the stalls at Opening Ceremony (one of her favorite stores, FYI), trying on pink headbands and drop-crotch trousers as she tells Brown about customizing her stage looks and her style muses growing up. Three words: Salt. N. Pepa.

"I got this stacked, little asymmetrical [haircut] with these big Santi earrings, leather trench coat ... and I was like, what?" Santigold reminisces.

Ah, memories. These days, she says she looks for "colors and patterns and textures" as well as pieces that are comfortable.

"It's just some weird thing that I have," she jokes. "I don't like to be in pain when I'm walking."

Crazy talk! Then again, her Bernhard Willhelm sneakers do look pretty cool ...