Get to Know Your 2012 CFDA Nominees

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You eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. The last five (or more!) Proenza Schouler collections are neatly filed away in the file folder that is your mind. You have three Alexander Wang bags, and you have a massive crush on Johnny Depp.

You may think you know all there is to know about this year’s recently-announced CFDA nominees, but we’d bet there are some fun little facts that might surprise you. FashionEtc took a closer look at this year’s group—who has strange ties to Capital One Bank and Alec Baldwin? Who thinks Julianne Moore has the sexiest voice ever? And which duo has designed two bags—with one costing 1000 times as much as the other? (No, that’s not an algebra problem.)

Check out our slideshow for all the dish!