Johnny Depp Named Hat Person of the Year

johnny depp hat person of year
Photo: Getty Images
Top billing: Johnny Depp has been named Hat Person of the Year.

Hats off to Johnny Depp! The Headwear Association has deemed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is tops because of his toppers.

The 103-year-old organization recently announced that Depp has been voted the Hat Person of the Year, capping off a heady list that includes Gwen Stefani (17 percent), Hugh Jackman (16 percent), Justin Timberlake (13 percent), Kate Hudson (9 percent), and Nicole Richie (7 percent). The Rango voice, who received 38 percent of the votes, succeeds last year’s winner, Brad Pitt, who was noted for such stunning accessories as ivy caps, stingy-brim fedoras, and Angelina Jolie. (We kid!)

Depp, who played the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, is frequently spotted on the town in wide-brimmed fedoras, similar to those seen in The Adjustment Bureau, Mad Men, and Depp’s 2009 gangster flick Public Enemies (Graham Thompson of Optimo Hats crafted Depp’s headgear for the film, plus a few for his own personal wardrobe, according to GQ).

The Headwear Association is offering Depp wannabes the chance to win classic fedoras of their very own from Broner Hats, Bailey of Hollywood, and Christys’ of London. Simply visit THA’s Facebook page, add them to your list of friends with a “Like,” and you’re entered to win.

As for acquiring the rest of Depp: Ladies, you’re on your own.