Isaac Mizrahi on TV, Tweeting, and Fall's Color Palette

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Photo courtesy of Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi on the set of ISAACMIZRAHILIVE!

Isaac Mizrahi is, in a word, a pioneer.

Put that eyebrow down.

Before the current state of fashion-media stars existed, Mizrahi was pushing ahead, doing film, stage, and reaching as broad an audience as possible. He was designing for Target years before Go International became a fashion force. His documentary UnZipped came out well over a decade before the recent spate of films (Valentino: The Last Emperor and The September Issue). And he's embraced the concept of multiple collections, showing a line at New York Fashion Week and a QVC brand (ISAACMIZRAHILIVE!) that features everything from handbags to dresses to even cheesecake.

Not to mention that whole media-mogul thing with his TV show, blogs, and vlogs.

The designer took time out of his busy, pre–Fashion Week schedule to talk to FashionEtc about his upcoming plans, his dream TV show, and his tweets.

Congrats on Mariska Hargitay wearing you at the SAG Awards. She looked stunning. Is it nerve racking to see celebs in your dresses?

Yes, it's nerve racking because I know what I like to see people wear but it's another thing entirely when one opens oneself up to that kind of media scrutiny.

You've never shied away from color. Can we expect some bold hues for Fall?

Fall is only about color. The whole collection is color, color, color, and some gray.

This was your second season on The Fashion Show. Did you find the contestants to be of a higher caliber this time?

The level of the contestants' talent has definitely risen. I feel they were more passionate about the clothes and less about their interaction with one another. It was really about the making of clothes and the passion about making clothes.

Do you love doing TV?

I LOVE doing television. I love it because it's another great way to communicate what I'm about as a designer. I love doing the Bravo show, and I love doing the QVC thing because there's an immediate response. The more interactive design can be made, the better for me.

What would be your dream TV show?

My dream TV show would be a daytime-talk/features-themed show. I'm very into routine. I love the idea of discovering new worlds by remaining true to one's schedule. In other words, every day from noon to one you make this show that you learn from, but it's every day at this certain time and it becomes routine. The only way to achieve it is through discipline and repetition and routine.

Your QVC collection has propelled QVC into a cooler area than it was in before. Why did you decide to do it?

I decided to work with QVC because when we met to discuss the idea we both had similar end goals. It's a good partnership, not to mention that I love the idea of reaching all those women who are watching. I learn so much and I feel I impart a great deal of style confidence to my women viewership.

How do you maintain the integrity of your designs and materials when doing lower price points?

I am very clever and selective with the fabrics I choose to use. They need to meet our standards and work within our price point. Nowadays you can get such amazing quality at lower price points, and that is what I am offering the QVC customer.

Kirsten Dunst Band of Outsiders

Photo courtesy of Isaac Mizrahi

Mizrahi on the set of ISAACMIZRAHILIVE!

I love your Twitter feed. Are you doing the tweeting yourself?

I do tweet myself. I love [Twitpics] too. There's also another tweet that happens from my office and my shop on 67th street.

You blog, vlog and tweet—what's next for you?

I want to get more and more involved with media—Internet, Twitter and TV.  I'm from the TV generation and I still think it's the most fun of all when it's good.