Peter Dundas Talks Pucci's New Saks Fifth Avenue Boutique and Belly Buttons

Anja Rubik Peter Dundas
Photo: Getty Images
Anja Rubik and Pucci's Peter Dundas at Saks.

Harper's Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey and Emilio Pucci artistic director Peter Dundas celebrated the new Pucci boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC with an evening of cocktails and music.

Alexa Chung played DJ for the night while fashion insiders, shopping savvy socialites and models, including Anja Rubik and Coco Rocha mingled in the new Pucci space on the third floor.

Flanked by models dressed in the colorful, barely-there designs from Pucci's Spring 2012 collection, Dundas talked to FashionEtc about his ideal Pucci girl, the midriff trend, and his concept for the new Saks boutique.

What type of woman do you imagine wearing your clothes? Who is the ultimate Pucci girl?

I like the term in French: "bon vivante," which is a woman who really, really enjoys life. I think somebody who likes color, who likes prints, who likes clothes that push the limit a little bit. Somebody who likes life a little more colorful.

Your Spring 2012 collection featured lots of midriffs and mullet hems. What trends were you most excited about when designing the line?

People say the midriff is hard to pull off, but I don't think it is at all because the pieces I design are high-waisted. So basically you are just showing this part of the body [points to the area under the bust and above the belly on model Anja Rubik]. How many people have that as a bad part of their body? I was sure to stay clear of showing off any bad part of the body. I love a woman's body and there are so many parts I find sensual, but the belly button is not one of them. I almost always have it covered in some way.

Would you ever consider doing a Target collaboration?

Not right now. It's not the right time for me in terms of positioning the brand. Maybe in the future.

How do you feel about the new Saks boutique?

I love it. And for me, it has all the clothes and colors that I love and think universally represent the brand. The space has all the elements to pull it off: the mirrors, the marble, the gold all represent the Pucci look.

Meanwhile, check out the full Emilio Pucci Spring 2012 collection to see all the bright, belly-baring looks for yourself.