5 Questions: FENTON and FALLON’S Dana Lorenz

Photo courtesy of Dana Lorenz

How many emails have we circulated amongst friends with the subject line: HUBBA HUBBA, followed by a lot of interjections, about—not Kit Harrington photos as you'd think—but Dana Lorenz's FENTON and FALLON jewels?

Not an exaggeration: entirely too many to count.

Her Twitter and Instagram feeds are also must-follows, with her sneak-peeks of stunning new baubles set to arrive soon and snapshots of her beloved Dachsunds.

So we were especially delighted the jewelry designer agreed to spout off some rapid-fire responses to our nearly patented 5-question interview, a treat as she's in high gear preparation mode for Fashion Week. "I have a string tied around my finger reminding me to breathe," she says.

Last Book You Read:
Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs

Signature Drink:
Grey Goose and soda with 3 lemon wedges

The Person You'd Be Most Excited to See in Your Designs:
I wish my Great Aunt Helen Fenton were alive to enjoy the collection named after her. She would be obsessed with my pieces.

Your last on meal on Earth:
Thanksgiving dinner

#1 Most Played Song on iTunes:
The Smiths' There Is a Light That Never Goes Out