5 Questions: Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan
Photo: Patrick McMullan

Yesterday morning, we toasted Belstaff's Fall 2012 Collection at Barneys and caught up with the department store's resident bon vivant.

Simon Doonan graciously answered our rapid-fire five questions and humored our inquisition into his pre-Fashion Week routine. "I think it's the most ludicrous question. I don't have to go to it's not such a sadomasochistic freak-out for me," he said but then kidded: "3 weeks of colonics, and I'm having a facelift." And as for that Chick-fil-A kerfuffle, surely he has some thoughts? "I'm all about free speech. Consumers have the power." We venture he won't be indulging in a chicken sandwich and waffle fries, strict Fashion Week regimen or not.

Best Vacation
Probably going down the Grand Canyon, white water rafting. You didn't see that coming, did you? It's fabulous; everybody should do that. You can't get any phone reception down there. It's divine.

Celebrity Crush
I just interviewed Ryan Reynolds. He's very handsome, and he's about two-foot taller than me which is kind of alarming but also compelling.

Biggest Style Blunder
I don't believe in style blunders. No one cares. You can wear whatever you want. If you're lucky, no one will even notice what you're wearing. But I always love western wear, but I have to be careful as I get older because I end up looking like Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace.

Most Ludicrous Lie You've Told
On my passport, it says I'm 5 foot 4 1/2. And I'm more like 5 foot 4. That's pretty goofy.

If I didn't live in New York, I'd...
...die. I love New York. It's been very good to me.