Celebs and Fashion Insiders Talk Valentine's Day

Karlie Kloss, Jason Wu, Emmy Rossum

Photos: Patrick McMullan

Karlie Kloss, Jason Wu and Emmy Rossum.

The beloved, and sometimes dreaded, Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s surprising how a day celebrating something as simple as love can cause such a range of emotions (from elation to dread, sometimes in 60 seconds flat). However, there’s a sweet spot for everyone and these fashionable types shared their favorite Valentine’s Day gifts or experiences, which could just do the job for you too.

Rafe Totengco

“Paris. My boyfriend and I in the Latin Quarter and walked all day and had a really nice dinner, just the two of us. Out hotel room overlooked Notre Dame. It was one of those exceptional trips when we had a weekend where we turned off everything. It’s very rare to be completely shut off from everything else. It was magical. And so cheesy, right?

Kelly Rutherford

“Valentine’s from my kids -- they’re just incredible. And I save all of them. Last year, my son last year gave me hearts and that’s it. There are romantic things in the past, but I don’t remember them anymore. Once you have children ...”

Cynthia Rowley

“Several years ago on Valentine’s Day, Bill Cunningham rode his bike and brought me a valentine he made that had birds and pictures of my kids on it. It was so beautiful it made me cry.”

Dana Lorenz, Fenton Fallon

“In college my boyfriend drove from Iowa State to Iowa City where I went to school with three dozen roses on the back of his motorcycle. Half way to Iowa City, it started raining and by the time he got to me, all of the petals were off. I still put them in a vase even though they were disgusting because it was so sweet.”

Gail Simmons

“My husband and I have traditions on Valentine’s Day. I always cook for him. It’s the one night of the year when I will cook him a multi-course extravaganza with a lot of dessert. The dessert is always banana, chocolate and peanut butter in some variation. His gift to me is that he always buys me a really beautiful nail color and a day at a spa.”

Emmy Rossum

“A Kitchen-Aid mixer from a boy. Because he knew I liked to bake.”

Jason Wu

“One year, Fashion Week was early and I got to spend time with my family, which I never get to do when they visit me for Fashion Week and that’s pretty special. We went to dinner at some little Japanese restaurant around the corner.”

Karlie Kloss

“Valentine’s Day is always during the shows. All the girls and I give each other little Valentine’s gifts -- little bags of candy and little cut-out hearts. A Valentine’s kiss would be nice. I don’t know who is going to be my Valentine this year -- I’ll be on the lookout for one. Send him my way ...”

Cushnie & Ochs’ Carly Cushnie

“I did stay in a very nice hotel in Saint Lucia for Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend a long time ago.”

Cushnie & Ochs’ Michelle Ochs

“I can’t remember one, so they’ve obviously not been memorable enough.”

Yigal Azrouel

“I got this beautiful white shirt from my girlfriend that I love. It was good because it came from her and she loves me.”

Bibhu Mohapatra

“I received a beautiful lacquered men’s jewel box -- a beautiful red box. I cherish it because I like cuff links so I keep them in there. Another amazing memory is going to happen this year because my first runway show is this Valentine’s Day.”

NAHM’s Nary Manivong

“Something homemade. I had a friend that made me a candle and that was pretty cool. She was a glass-blower and took the time to put it together.”