It is fitting for me that Nicole Miller's show was my first for Fashion Week. I'm a big fan of Nicole the designer as well as Nicole the person, and her collections never disappoint.

She had lots of star power in attendance, including Karen Duffy, Beverly Johnson, Donna Hanover and Laurie Durning Waters, plus close friends Richard and Marcia Mishaan, Tracy Snyder, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes and her son, Palmer Taipale.

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The Associates Committee of the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is a stellar group of women committed to excellence in everything they do; in this case, in helping to eradicate a terrible disease that has touched everyone's life in one way or another.

The MSKCC 4th Annual Associates Lunch was held at Rouge Tomate. Ferragamo sponsored the event, which showcased pieces from the gorgeous Spring/Summer 2012 collection, featuring dresses with rich patterns in mixtures of turquoise and purple, orange and pink, as well as brightly colored bags and shoes.

Event chairs Nina Garcia, Getchen Gunlocke Fenton, and Eugenie Niven Goodman wore Ferragamo, and chair Emili Fanjul Pfeifler wore Celine and carried a Ferragamo handbag.

"Sloan Kettering is fighting so hard for a disease that affects us all," said Garcia. "They are deeply committed to their research, and deeply committed to helping out."

Fanjul Pfeifler echoed that sentiment:

"I had a grandmother who died of cancer, she was very involved in Sloan Kettering and the involvement has moved to the next generation. That's me now."

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Greg Kinnear, Lea Thompson Billy Crudup

"This movie makes me want to go back to Miami," whispered Florida native Sarah Arison at the Cinema Society screening of Thin Ice. The weather—snow, ice, cold—was relentless in this clever tale of a sleazy, small-time insurance salesman who tries to con an old man out of the money for a violin his late sister left him.

"There's a point where you can get so cold making a film that it induces laughter," Greg Kinnear, in Calvin Klein, told FashionEtc. "Beyond what the coldest is you can ever imagine, where you're just saying 'shit it's cold,' there's another layer and it drops way down and it comes bubbling up and it becomes laughter. As Billy Crudup, Alan Arkin and I were filming on a frozen lake, at some point that became the funniest moment. Doesn't sound so now, but at the time, hysterical."

Kinnear's character, the insurance salesman, is trying to get back together with his estranged wife, played by Lea Thompson, who had a hard time shopping for the evening.

"This dress is H&M. I bought it today because I didn't have anything to wear. I swear to God I looked for three hours to find something to wear underneath this Tahari coat," said Thompson with a laugh. "I have a hard time getting dressed because sometimes I'm in character. Right now I'm on this show called Switched At Birth. My character has this ordered life that she thought was perfect, but then she finds out she raised somebody else's kid. In that show I wear put-together, Kansas City upper crust girl clothes, but in reality I'm more artsy and cool, so I get confused when I shop."

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It takes guts to go to couples therapy, publish the whole emotional roller coaster in the Observer, and then put it all together in a book. It takes brains to do it with humor. It takes heart to finally propose to your fiancee at your book party, in front of dozens of your friends, family and fans.

George Gurley has guts, brains and heart. He enjoyed every minute of the book party at Doubles for George & Hilly: The Anatomy of a Relationship. After humorous speeches given by Jim Windolf and Peter Stevenson, Gurley gave a speech of his own, then got down on his knees and proposed to his long time love, Hilary "Hilly" Heard—they've been together for ten years.

"It felt humiliating— I can't deal with crowds, audiences—but so sweet and touching," said Heard, with her characteristic sense of humor, a quality shared by Gurley. "I love George so much. The most wonderful thing was seeing George up there, especially after hearing his editors introduce him and talk about it, and feeling so proud that he got an ounce of the recognition he deserves. That was the winning moment for me."

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