Most celebrities—the smart ones—are still in warmer climes in early January, but we managed to find a few shivering around New York this week.

On Thursday the New Group “celebrated” its new play, Blood from a Stone—which stars Ethan Hawke—even though they’d pushed the official opening night back by a week. The guests had already been invited, and the party was booked, so what the heck? They could all have fun and not have to worry about reading the reviews in the morning.

The play is a dark comedy about a highly dysfunctional blue-collar family in a rapidly deteriorating house, complete with rainwater gushing through the leaky roof.

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Tom Ford

George Farias and Anne and Jay McInerney gave a fabulous holiday cocktail party at the 21 Club. Everyone was there, from Candace Bushnell to Susan Stroman. The brilliant and beautiful conservative pundit Monica Crowley was having a meeting of the minds with Governor David Paterson while the Salvation Army band played.

The room was decorated in snowy white, filled with votive candles that made everyone look like movie-star versions of themselves.

“Something smells like burning,” whispered our worried host, and indeed, the fur hem of a guest’s dress had brushed against a votive and started to smolder.

Luckily, someone acted fast and put it out, and no one else noticed, as we were all having too much fun. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia had a hard time prying Ivana Lowell away from fans of her book, Why Not Say What Happened?, to make it to dinner downtown.

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Vogue's Hamish Bowles

Lisa Fine gave her annual holiday dinner on Wednesday night, and what a dinner it was!

The Irving and Fine designer looked stunning in a maroon and black embroidered silk caftan of her own design. The crowd had a little bit of everything, from the worlds of fashion (Hamish Bowles, Alexandra Kotur), business (George Farias, Jack Swain), photography (Jonathan Becker), philanthropy (Carol Mack), and literature (Ivana Lowell).

I had the good fortune to be seated next to Hamish Bowles, and we speculated about who would be designing Kate Middleton’s dress. Hamish had heard that the odds are on Bruce Oldfield, but we both agreed we’d rather see the house of McQueen or Galliano do the honors.

The brilliant and charming real-estate developer Will Zeckendorf was on my right, and the talk turned to collecting. Hamish collects vintage clothing—no surprise there—and Will has an extensive collection of music, dating from the 1950s to the present, and prefers vinyl. Who knew? Add a comment


The Fighter has been getting lots of pre-Oscar buzz and for good reason: The performances are raw, honest, and in the case of Christian Bale, there was massive weight loss involved. Not The Machinist–level weight loss but a marked difference nevertheless.

Friday night’s Cinema Society screening was co-sponsored by Men’s Health, and I couldn’t help but wonder if Bale had followed some Eat This, Not That advice from editor in chief Dave Zinczenko.  

The movie deals with two brothers, both fighters, one a wasted crack addict on the decline from his glory days, the other an up-and-coming talent mismanaged by his mother, brilliantly portrayed by Melissa Leo.

There’s lots of tension, romance, love, abuse, and trashy big hair. Amy Adams and Mark Wahlberg give some of the best performances of their careers. Add a comment

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