Kate Middleton: Fur is ‘Blatantly Cruel’

Kate Middleton
Photo: Getty Images
Kate Middleton.

If Diana was the people's princess, have animals found their advocate in Kate Middleton?

The newly minted Duchess of Cambridge—who just adopted a cocker spaniel named Lupo—has been outed as anti-fur fashionista following an erroneous report from the International Fur Trade Federation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Reiss-loving royal unwittingly stirred up drama after stepping out in a coat lined with fake fur, a photo of which was later posted on the IFTF Website with a note describing the garment as "a classy fur-lined coat.”

Not so, Middleton's representatives say.

"Her Royal Highness was not wearing fur," the Duchess' office insist in a statement. "The coat was not lined with fur. We therefore insist that you remove the photo from your social media page and issue an immediate public retraction of your claim.

"To state that the Duchess is wearing fur is not only false but offensive ... to portray the new Duchess wearing something so blatantly cruel and contrary to her country's values is insulting."

PETA, meanwhile, is applauding the royal's pro-animal stance, and has reportedly threatened to take legal action against the IFTF over the matter.

"Kate Middleton's decision not to wear fur puts her in the company of public figures such as Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, and the late Princess Diana, all of whom swore off fur because of the cruelty inherent in the fur industry," the animal rights organization added in their statement.

"This was a poor and desperate attempt by the International Fur Trade Federation to promote its products."

Though the Duchess wore a Vivien Sheriff pheasant-feather hat during her first post-engagement royal public outing, she is said to have sworn off the hunting trips she once attended with Prince William.

Still, we won't hold out for an "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign just yet. The Queen would not be amused.