Elisabetta Canalis Goes Nude for PETA

elisabetta canalis nude for peta

Photo courtesy of PETA

In the buff: Elisabetta Canalis takes it all off for PETA.

Having second thoughts, George?

Clooney ex (and upcoming Dancing with the Stars contestant) Elisabetta Canalis is baring all for the sake of animal rights.

The Roberto Cavalli model goes nude as the newest body of PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign, which has previously starred the likes of Lea Michele, Charlize Theron, and Eva Mendes.

"I decided to go nude because I think that nudity always creates a big reaction," Canalis says. "That is what is required to keep people's attention on such a brutal practice … These poor animals are electrocuted, skinned alive, drowned, and bludgeoned just for the sake of fashion."

"Don't buy fur," she adds. "Even a little trim—your gloves or your bag or your jackets … You must remember that animals don't have a voice; you must be their voice. Never be afraid to speak up."

The first Italian to front the campaign, Canalis will see her billboard plastered all over Milan this winter in an effort to draw the attention of the fashion community.

First, though, she'll be unveiling the ad on Rodeo Drive on September 13. The line forms to the left, boys.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has ruffled PETA's feathers with one of her fashion choices.