Claudia Schiffer Trades Runway for Design Studio

Claudia Schiffer
Photo: Getty Images
Claudia Schiffer at the Chanel Spring 2011 show this past October.

Models turned designers are no new concept—just ask Kate Moss or Erin Wasson—but giving up the runway for the design studio? That’s dedication.

Claudia Schiffer presented her début collection of cashmere pieces, created in partnership with German knitwear brand Iris von Arnim, in Paris and will even skip the March 8 Chanel show in favor of her new project.

“I'm really sorry to miss it, I always love to go,” she told Vogue U.K., “but I'm going to be too busy with the collection this week. I want to meet all the press and buyers personally—it's that kind of project.”

It’s an admirable sentiment for the supermodel, who insists her new life is permanently off the catwalk.

“Designers are very clever at trying to persuade me to do it each season and it's flattering that they do, but nothing would change my mind,” she said of getting back on the runway. "I'd much rather be working on this new project anyway.”

The collection is a small (for now) array of knits, from an oversize chunky cardigan to a sleek mid-calf-length tee dress in navy and black stripes.

“It’s very much in its early stages and I’m learning step-by-step,” she said. “I want the quality to be absolutely key and I want to go slowly.”

“The idea of it is effortless chic—it’s based on my life and the clothes I need. I have 15 minutes to get dressed in the morning before taking the children to school—I want to throw on clothes but still look chic, then I want to go from school to a meeting and then out for dinner by only changing a handbag or a necklace or something … It’s simple and lovely to wear but still really chic and very high quality—that’s all I wanted.”

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