Anna Dello Russo Plays Mad Hatter in Net-a-Porter Magazine

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Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter
Anna Dello Russo ruffles some feathers for Net-a-Porter.

Is there a madder hatter than Anna Dello Russo?

Judging by the street style star's just-released full fashion spread for Net-a-Porter's Big Fashion Issue, we think not.

Known for her kooky dress sense and fruit-themed headgear, the Japanese Vogue editor goes the extra mile in a vibrant, deliciously playful shoot devoted to millinery's most madcap designs. Should we be surprised that they all come from her own closet?

Along with her pink wig and lobster hat, "Extreme Anna" sees the Italian fashion icon getting fruity with Stella McCartney's citrus-print dress and a mane of dark curls topped with a fruit basket hat; pairing a long silver wig with a toadstool fascinator and a red floral-print Erdem; and rocking a Willow Smith-esque pink poodle mohawk with a studded Burberry Prorsum trench.

If you think that's over the top, wait until you see her toppers modeled after a ship, bird cage, and tropical island (a palm tree perched on a blonde pigtailed wig).

And because no mad hatter is complete without a tea party, Dello Russo takes the cake with a tea service hat featuring a hairy black mock tablecloth studded with luxurious gold tea cups.

Anna Dello Russo Net-a-porter

Photos courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Wiggin' out: Dello Russo in all her eccentric glory.

Given all this excitement, it's hard to believe that the fashion eccentric swears by Abercombie & Fitch for her everyday wardrobe. But when duty calls, the sky's the limit.

"I enjoy to try different things, to never be the same," Dello Russo says in a video interview for the online retailer.

"Fashion to me is my way to escape myself. I don't want to be stiff, I don't want to be myself, boring."

Boring? With hats like these, not a chance.