Saying Goodbye to Lucky Magazine

                                                                                                                                      Photo's courtesy of Condé Nast

Lucky magazine was once considered THE source for any young woman wanting to make a statement, in any situation.  Offering shopping information with Vogue-style options, but at more modest prices, Lucky was a popular addition to the Conde Nast’s already successful magazine line back in 2000.  Women eagerly tore through the pages and obsessively checked the site’s daily updates in search of up to the minute style that they could easily access.

For years the magazine stayed at the top of its game until sales sharply began to fall.  Lucky tried hard to hang on, resorting to some fairly extreme measures such as becoming an e-commerce company and only offering a print version 4 times a year. Earlier this year Eva Chen, Lucky’s editor-in-chief announced her resignation and several other staff members were let go. The print version ceased not long after that – its last issue was in May. last updated its site on October 30, finishing off Lucky Magazine’s 15 year run.