VICE Magazine Acquires i-D

Well, this comes as a surprise! 

A VICE magazine press release just landed in our inbox announcing that they have acquired i-D magazine, "creating a partnership to produce the world's leading online video-driven fashion channel." 

VICE, known for its boundary pushing content, teamed up with the stylish magazine because it's "one of the only fashion publications in the world [they] respect," VICE's president, Andrew Creighton said. 

Through this partnership, Creighton and i-D founder Terry Jones, hope to combine VICE's knack for online video content with i-D's cult print following. 

According to the press release, "VICE will use its expertise in online video production to expand i-D's existing website and utilize i-D's creative vision and talent to create an innovative video-driven channel dedicated to exploring everything from high-end couture to the myriad of underground fashion scenes all over the world."

Two unique and creative voices merging into one publication can only result in out of the box and totally awesome content. Suffice it to say, we're excited about this merger.