Just Kidding! Magherita Missoni Says Missoni is NOT Launching A New Line

Photo: Patrick McMullan
 Margherita Missoni


This morning the Wall Street Journal reported that Missoni was in the process of launching a lower-priced line, featuring an exclusive interview with granddaughter to the Italian fashion house, Margherita Missoni.

However, only a few hours later, Margherita took to her twitter to deny the reports saying, "Missoni is NOT launching a second line. We already have a second line and it's called M Missoni." 

What's odd here is that it was Margherita who sat down with WSJ to discuss a launch of a lower-priced line thanks to the success of the brand's collection for Target, which caused the site to crash.

But apparently we, and the Wall Street Journal, stand corrected. Unless Margherita shared something she wasn't supposed to...