A 532 Pound Dress Made Entirely of Ice

Photo: TWELV

Ice dress in TWELV Magazine

We've heard that structured gowns aren't the most comfortable thing to wear, but a dress sculpted entirely out of ice? That's taking discomfort to a whole new level.

For TWELV magazine's second issue, they summoned ice sculptor Takeo Okamoto to create an ice gown inspired by Tilda Swinton, who is featured in the magazine's "Ice Queen" shoot.

The gown was constructed by three people in a freezer and is said to weigh approximately 532.6 pounds — give or take a few should there be any melting.

In order to photograph the dress on a model, a team of 13 people had to move it, while the model had 30 minutes to nail the shot before it melted. Talk about the ultimate America's Next Top Model challenge!

We're assuming the dress is being preserved in a giant freezer, but wouldn't it make the perfect ice luge for Heidi Klum's (now cancelled) fashionable Halloween bash?