Garance Doré to Sell Her Illustrations

Garance Doré (left), one of her drawings (right)

Garance Doré's made a name for herself in the blogging world through her iconic street style photography and hand-drawn fashion illustrations that she publishes on her blog.

But the stylish Frenchie is about to make her work even more accesible to her readers by selling her illustrations for $35 a piece. "I receive, like, 10 emails a day asking where [my readers] can buy the illustrations so I think it will be an interesting venture," Doré said. 

But before she sells them on her blog, Doré has plans to hold an exhibition of her work in New York City, "so people can see how the illustrations are presented and how good they look when they are printed."

We're still waiting for confirmation on when the exhibition and/or her prints will be available for purchase, but if a personal Doré isn't a good present then we don't know what is.