Bra Sizes Increasing, Study Shows

Photo: Getty Images

What happened to more than a handful is too much?

Although being small-breasted certainly has its own set of perks (bra-less, plunging necklines, etc.), Sofia Vergara's voluptuousness seems to beat out Kate Moss's high fashion silhouette by popular demand.

British high street retailer Debenhams just conducted a recent survey on everything bust-related.

The study revealed that 78 percent of women have been buying bras that are smaller than the size they should be wearing, along with the findings that British busts have actually grown three whole sizes in the past two years.

In 2010, Debenhams reported that their best-selling size was a 34B and by 2012, the most sold out style was the 34DD.

The store also stated that 70 percent of 2012 bra sales have been for padded and push-ups compared to 36 percent back in 2010.

Looks like Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian are setting the stage for many more curves ahead!