Zara Home US Launches With E-Commerce

Photo courtesy of Zara

Zara Home is here!

The highly-anticipated Zara Home launched today in the United States!

We've gotten plenty of sneak peeks of the chic housewares, but it's finally here, and better than our interior decorator dreams could have imagined!

Zara does lower-priced luxury better than any other retailer out there, and now you can finally add that look of contemporary-chic to your living space. Zara Home had only been sold overseas (and who's going to ship a coffee table back stateside?), but now the home designs are available with the quick click of a button (another URL to add to your midday procrastination bookmarks).

From bed, bath and table linens, select furniture, tableware, cutlery, and decorative accessories, including loungewear and gift items, the products come in four distinctive collections: Country, Ethnic, White and Contemporary.

The Country pieces are inspired by nature and reminiscent of a forest, featuring dark and taupe tones, while the Ethnic collection is dominated by grays, lilacs, paisley and floral accents. The White Collection highlights soothing white tones in sumptuous silks, cottons and linen and the Contemporary collection emphasizes the British influence with the flag motif.

So whatever your interior aesthetic, the Spanish-based retailer has it all, so head to and enjoy!